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November 27, 2016
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 It’s been reported recently that as many as three out of four people with health insurance are on the wrong scheme and are paying too much.  The cost of health cover is still rising and will probably continue to do so but savings can be made even from your existing supplier if you know what to look for. Aisling O’Connor heads up the Health Insurance Department at the Dooley Insurance Group in Naas and said, “one of the main reasons people don’t shop around or review their policy is that they are afraid of change. The fear factor is something that can’t be underestimated.  Clients should  be aware that you can switch between health insurers at renewal each year ie move from VHI to Irish Life Health and back to VHI without any loss of cover once all benefits remain the same .The policy documents and the differences between plans can be very difficult to follow so more often than not people find it easier just to renew their existing plan without even reviewing what they are paying for.”

There are currently over 300 plans on the market all offering various levels of cover and so little wonder people tend not to switch policies too easily.  “In Ireland, we have a public health system which is good in emergency situations but if you need to have a medical procedure done or if you need to see a consultant you could be joining a very long queue”, said Aisling. “Private health insurance gives you access to consultants and allows you to get non-urgent but important procedures done in a timely manner and in a private , public or high-tech hospital as a private patient.  If you are in a public bed the state will cover this cost if you have a medical card without a medical card the charge is €75 per night up to a maximum charge of €750 a year per person, but if you need to urgently get a hospital bed you might not be able to access one and this is where private health insurance really comes into its own. It can be quite painful for people to pour over various policies and to try and navigate the veritable minefield of health insurance information so that’s why it’s much simpler to ask a broker to assist you.”

The Dooley Insurance Group which is based in Millennium Park in Naas, Co. Kildare is currently one of the top five health brokers in the country offering advice on both individual and group scheme plans. Dooley Insurances work in partnership with Irish Life Health to give customers the best value products on the market combined with the best advice. “We often find that people do not want to shop around or change their scheme because they are afraid they won’t be covered sufficiently when they need to avail of the cover or else they will simply look for the lowest possible price,” said Aisling. “However, it’s important to remember the cheapest is not always the best, you may save €60 per year on a scheme or policy you think looks like great value but that’s no good to you if you are admitted to hospital and you then realise your cover is not in, place.  Everyone’s health insurance needs are different, it is not a ‘one size fits all product’ we take the time to get to know our client, their health needs, their family’s health needs and their family history to make sure when they do need cover they will be protected by their plan”.

The Dooley Insurance Group also offers a 24-hour emergency help number so that when you need someone to help you to access a private bed in an emergency or need to know if your policy covers an emergency procedure you can get the help you need.  The company also provide lots of additional assistance and advice including providing price comparisons, pre-authorising hospital procedures and dealing with both inpatient and outpatient claims.

Corporations and SME’s can also benefit from the various plans offered through the Dooley Insurance Group as the company offers plans that wouldn’t be automatically given as an option if dealing directly with the provider.  For more information on the Dooley Insurance Group or to get some great advice on your health insurance log on to or call (045) 431642.

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