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November 20, 2012
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Home Insurance – Benefits

Say, for instance, any of the following happened to your house:

• Lightning strikes a power line leading into your house, causing a fire.

• Subsidence of the ground on which your home stands.

• Your hot water heater explodes.

• A tree falls through your roof during a storm.

• Burst pipes due to frost damage.

• Water damage due to leaking central heating or appliances.

• A storm blows down your TV aerial or satellite dish.

With a home insurance policy from the Dooley Insurance Group you are covered in each of these situations. You don’t have to worry about the unpredictable. The financial problems created by random accidents and perils will not force you out of your home. Not only will your policy cover the cost of the damage but also it will cover the cost of alternative accommodation while you wait for your home to be repaired. What about the Contents of your home: The contents of your home are automatically covered and protected from fires, water damage, and theft. Consider the following examples to see exactly what I mean:

• The hot water tank bursts in your hot press damaging all of your bed linen and towels.

• A child accidently sets a bed on fire and ruins the entire bed and soft furnishings.

• Your Christmas tree goes on fire destroying your entire living room contents.

• A burglar breaks in and steals your tv, ipod, laptop and ransacks your house.

• Your oil tank leaks and pollutes part of your garden and foundations.

Our home insurance policy will cover you for all of the above scenarios and more. What else is covered on my Home Insurance Policy?

• Replacement of locks if the keys have been stolen from your house.

• Damage or theft of visitors personal possessions.

• Fire Brigade Charges.

• Employers Liability for all domestic employees.

• Your Liability to the public.

Source: Caeva O’Callaghan

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